1)   Will you personally be our photographer on the wedding day ?

Yes, I am always the one personally responsible to take photographs.

2)   How would you describe your creative style ?

I mainly intend to capture moments that create authentic images. 

The couple’s personality is  taken into account in order to pursuit a concept unique in style and character.

Adapting a discreet approach as a photographer, I aim to provide you and the guests with the feeling of freedom while you enjoy your special day. A sense of humor and

politeness are also part of my character and style.

3)   Apart from wedding photography, is there anything else that you work on ?

The art of photography is my passion and thus anything of interest is usually approached via the use of photography.

Photography has become an everyday activity and this has resulted in creation of various personal projects (you can have a look here: ). 

4)   Do you offer both photography and videography services ?

I do not normally offer ‘wedding package deals’ as I mainly concentrate on photography. However, upon request, I can provide information and contact details of   videographers I work with. 

5)   How much time will you be spending with us on our wedding day ?

Approximately 10 to 12 hours are sufficient to capture all images needed.

The photo shooting process begins with the preparation of the groom and the bride and continues with the wedding reception where it ends after a few hours. 

6)   How are the photographs processed afterwards ?

I will be personally responsible for processing photographs that will be printed and used for digital albums.

7)   How long does it take  for the images / albums to be prepared ?

That will depend on my workload at the time. It usually takes 8 to 12 weeks.

8)   Will you provide us with a digital archive ?

I attempt to provide customers with 800 to 1000 fully analysed and digitally processed images. The photographs belong to the customer and can be used in any way they    wish, however, camera’s RAW archive copyright remains with the creator / photographer.

9)   Do we necessarily need an album ?

In addition to the digital archive, I believe that a hard copy album has a long term distinctive value including connecting you with future generations.

10)  What is  ”next day photo shooting” ?

Photographs taken during the wedding day are of essential value. Nonetheless, I always suggest an additional photography session to take place on a different day and     place.  This way there is more time and more relaxing atmosphere to take additional photos / portraits of the couple. Our target is to achieve natural results away from the    wedding anxiety.

11)  In what way and how soon shall we be booking your services?

You can contact me as soon as you get the ceremony date booked. Depending on availability, a personal meeting is preferred. Of course other means of communication     including  Skype or e-mail are also possible for customers who live far or who simply prefer this way of communication.